First Nations Development Fund Grant Program

The First Nations Development Fund (FNDF) grant program is a Government of Alberta lottery grant program available exclusively to First Nations Band Councils in Alberta.   It was developed by First Nations and the Government of Alberta as part of the Government of Alberta’s First Nations Gaming Policy  and is supported by a portion of revenues from government-owned slot machines located in First Nation casinos in Alberta . First Nations in Alberta can apply to the FNDF grant program for economic, social and community development projects that clearly benefit their First Nations members.

First Nations who access the FNDF grant funding have signed an FNDF Grant Agreement  with the Government of Alberta.

The First Nations Development Fund Grant Program Guide  is available for download.

Funding Model

The slot machine proceeds are allocated according to the following funding model:

How to Apply for a FNDF Grant

Downloading Instructions: The FNDF Grant Application form is fillable and works best with Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. For Google Chrome, please follow these instructions.

First Nations can submit a completed Grant Application package to the First Nation Development Fund.  Grant Applications are available in the following formats:

To apply for a grant, please provide the following:

  1. a signed and completed application;
  2. a detailed project description;
  3. detailed project funding/budget information; and
  4. a Band Council Resolution.

There are four grant deadlines throughout the funding year:  May 1st, August 1st, November 1st, February 1st

Liaison Officers are available to provide information, advice and assistance in planning for the use of the FNDF grant funding in a manner that works best for First Nation communities, and is within the terms of the grant agreement.

Completed application packages can be mailed to:

First Nations Development Fund
Twin Atria Building
400, 4999-98 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T6B 2X3
Phone: (780) 415-1250

Grant Payments

Once a project has been approved by the Minister of Alberta Indigenous Relations, approved projects can receive a quarterly payment.   Payments are made throughout the funding year:  July 15th, October 15th, January 15th and April 15th.

Reporting Requirements

Reports are due by July 31st each year for all approved FNDF projects that received grant funds by a quarterly payment, transfer of paid funds, or that have deferred funds from the previous fiscal year.

There are two types of reports depending on the size of the FNDF grant:

 First Nations who have not met the reporting requirements will have their second quarter payment held.

Community Benefits

For a listing of the projects funded by the FNDF grant program, go to the Who Benefits database at  and under “agency”, choose “First Nations Development Fund".

FNDF Annual Results

The FNDF Annual Results are also available for download on > Open Government Portal.

Contact Us

To speak with the First Nations Development Fund program staff call 780-415-1250.