Indigenous Women

Through partnerships with Indigenous women, governments, communities and organizations, Indigenous Relations strengthens economic and social opportunities for Indigenous women in Alberta. The ministry leads several initiatives and provides funding for programs and organizations that help to promote personal security and create equitable social and economic opportunities for Indigenous women.

In 2016, Indigenous Relations for the first time provided $100,000 in annual funding to the Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women.

The ministry also supports community initiatives that help Indigenous women in areas such as education, training and employment, and increased entrepreneurial activities. Initiatives include:

Studies on Indigenous Women

Indigenous Relations supports research that informs better policy and decision-making about programs and services for Indigenous women.

Literature Review and Analysis of Public Attitudes Towards Indigenous Women in Alberta

This University of Lethbridge report is an analysis of public perceptions of Indigenous women and the power of narratives. The report examines how the larger population often perceives Indigenous women differently from how Indigenous women see themselves.