With over 114,375* Metis people living in the province, Alberta is privileged to be home to the largest Metis population in the country. Alberta is the only province in Canada with a recognized Metis land base entrenched in provincial statute – the Metis Settlements. Approximately 5,000** people live on the eight Metis Settlements, which cover a land base of 1.25 million acres.

The Government of Alberta has had a long and positive relationship with Metis communities in the province.  These communities have played an important role in Alberta’s history, society and economy.

Indigenous Relations works together with Metis communities and organizations on many initiatives supporting the shared goal of building strong, vibrant, self-governing communities.

The ministry works closely with the two main organizations representing Metis people in Alberta — the Metis Nation of Alberta (MNA)  and the Metis Settlements General Council (MSGC) .

  • Alberta has provided funding to the MNA through a Framework Agreement since 1987.  The MNA Framework Agreement helps ensure that Metis people actively participate in the development of Alberta government policies, programs, initiatives, resources and services.
  • Alberta provided statutory funding to the Metis Settlements from 1990-2007 and continues to work closely with the Metis Settlements to support the governance, accountability, and long-term sustainability of the Settlements.
  • Alberta provides support to the Metis Settlements through access to municipal grants; enhanced police services; and contributions to the Metis Settlements census and a study of Settlement infrastructure and essential services.

Indigenous Relations administers the Metis Settlements Land Registry and works closely with the Metis Settlements Appeal Tribunal.


* Information source obtained from Aboriginal Peoples Highlight Tables, 2016 Census
** 2012 Metis Settlements Census