Indigenous Climate Leadership

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Engagement with Indigenous communities and organizations on the objectives and desired outcomes of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan is a priority for the Alberta government and the Ministry of Indigenous Relations. The objectives of the Climate Leadership Plan are to:

  • bend the curve of Alberta’s emissions and allow us to stabilize and begin to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • position Alberta as one of the world’s most progressive and environmentally responsible energy producers
  • reinvest revenue generated under the plan back into the economy to create jobs and to promote economic diversification – green jobs, green energy, green infrastructure
  • provide supports such as rebates for those affected by the transition to a low-carbon economy

Engagement on the Indigenous Climate Leadership Initiative

Indigenous Relations is planning a series of engagement opportunities to obtain input from Indigenous peoples, organizations and communities on the development of the Indigenous Climate Leadership Initiative.

The engagement process will revolve around (or 'include') regular meetings with Indigenous leadership to seek guidance and advice. Other tools to reach communities, leaders and organizations will include:

  • Community workshops
  • Technical working groups
  • A Symposium of Climate Champions

In February, 2017, Indigenous communities and organizations were invited to participate in an online survey and submit feedback about the Indigenous Climate Leadership Initiative. This feedback, along with information and engagement sessions, will assist as we continue to develop the initiative and ensure that communities and organizations are able to benefit more fully from the Alberta Climate Leadership Plan. A summary of the survey and feedback results is available here:

What We Heard

The Indigenous Climate Leadership Initiative will be developed in collaboration with Indigenous peoples and will include programs and funding that will help communities:

  • Improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs
  • Combat the effects of climate change, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improve community buildings and facilities
  • Develop community-based (renewable) energy supply and large-scale energy projects
  • Access training for green jobs

The grant funding programs developed to support this initiative are as follows: